Picture Schedules!

Sundays are always the worst at my house! When Little Miss is off her schedule/routine she looses it. So her Speech Therapist (I'll call her 'B') gave me a great idea!

I told you all about how we took pics of all of her things that she plays with, eats and does throughout her day, right?! Well now we're going to get some Velcro and put them on the fridge so that each morning when we get up we can go over to it and take off the breakfast one and say, 'Ok Little Miss, breakfast is over. Let's take off the breakfast picture and see what's next.' Then she will see that it's playtime with her favorite toys. After that's over and it's time to go somewhere to run errands or eat lunch then she'll get to go to the fridge and see what comes next. And when that's done then she can take that one off and see what the next one is going to be; nap time, errands, etc. This is going to help her understand what happens next, feel like she is more in control or in the loop with what's going on and help prepare her for the next event.

So now not only are the pictures I took good for giving her options and words but they're also now going to help her with Sundays and feel like she is on a schedule/routine even though it's different from the rest of the week. I highly recommend doing this with your kid(s)! I can't wait to get started. I'll keep you all posted on how it's going! Thanks 'B' for all your help and advice so far!