Evaluation Update

This week we had my older kids' evaluations done for SPD. Finally! I took my oldest daughter (Sassy Pants) in on Tuesday and we went through and answered all the questions and they observed her for a while. They haven't said for sure that they think she has SPD but do think that she has sensory issues that need to be dealt with. They referred us to go see a Visual Therapist to get her eyesight checked out and to see if her eyes move correctly to read, understand and comprehend what she's looking at/reading. So we go in for that on Monday. (I'll update on that later after we get back.) So now she is going in to have Occupational Therapy once a week. And Sassy's teacher at school has offered to stay one day a week to help her out more in school on a one on one basis; she already stays after two days a week for extra help with a reading intervention teacher. So I am hoping that after a while she will start to improve in school. She was always so advanced in everything when she was younger so all this really took us by surprise. But we will do any and everything to help her and make sure her future is a bright one.

Today I took my son in for his evaluation and they said that he definitely has sensory processing issues that also need to be dealt with. I really didn't expect for them to say that; I really just thought that he had been through so much in his life that he just had weird quirks. But they said that SPD issues would explain his: never wanting to wear pants, shoes and socks, sensitivity to light, wind and touch, his constant loudness (he always talks really loud), his aggressiveness and frustrations, his constant need to touch objects and people and so on. So now he is going to go in once a week with my oldest daughter to get Occupational Therapy as well.

We will have to take all three in to get positive diagnosis's from a Neurologist but that takes a while to get in. So in the meantime they all three will all three be getting therapy. I'll keep you updated on what's going on and how they are doing.

Do any of you have multiple children with sensory issues? Do you have any advice or tips that you can give me?