Let's get organized!

On Monday my DT (I'll call her 'A') told me that we had too many toys out in our living room. We watched Little Miss sit and empty out the toy box. She grabbed one toy, looked at it for a minute and then was onto the next, not really playing with anything for a long time. 'A' told me that this is teaching her to have a short attention span and that we needed to clear out most of the toys and only give her a certain amount. Soooo I did! With the help of my older two children we went through each and every toy and book and decided what should stay and what should go.

So 'A' gave me a list of certain developmental activities that we should have out. So I got some small crates and divided the toys into groups. I have one that is pretend which has a baby doll, diaper, baby bottle and rattle in it. Another crate for imaginative that has cooking toys in it. One for manipulative that has blocks and a purse that she can zip and unzip. Some books, a puzzle and a shape sorter toy. And then I have her favorite stuffed animals in a separate toy box. I will change the toys out with new different ones when she gets tired of the ones that are out. This will keep her entertained each week with new toys and help her use her imagination on the toys that are out because she won't have the opportunity to sit and just empty out the crazy amount of toys that we did have in there.

I didn't realize how having too many toys out was not good for her and how being organized will help her feel better. Now she is not overwhelmed by all the toys, she has more room and it's going to be fun to see new toys out each week.