My Developemental Therapist gave me a wonderful idea for my daughter and I wanted to share it with everyone. On her first visit to our house she brought in a storage container filled with Cheerios, little plastic toys and two small cups. When she opened it up Little Miss started to play in it and had the best time. She sat there for a long while and dug her hands into the cereal, poured them from one cup to the other, dumped them out and so on. The texture of the cereal feels good and helps her to sit, relax and have fun. So I went out on Tuesday and bought the stuff to make one for our house. SHE.LOVES.IT! I have it filled with Cheerios, blocks and two plastic cups and she plays with it non-stop. When she gets tired of it I empty the cereal into a bag and then dump in marshmallows for her to play with. It does get a tad messy and she does try every now and then to eat what's in the box but after we say, 'not in your's only for your hands' she stops and spits them out. Good girl! lol

Try this with your child(ren) and see if it is something they enjoy. I'll post a pic of it tomorrow and ask my therapist to do a small post on what exactly this does to help them. So check back soon!


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i thought you might find this new site interesting and maybe do some linky love with them, i am writing for them once a month.