Husband exeperienced a meltdown today..

I should preface this post by saying that my husband and I are separated, we've been so, on and off, for almost a year. He's pretty much missed out on all Little Man's diagnosing, his therapy appointments, etc. It's been hard going through everything myself, but I make do. I make sure to tell him whenever Little Man has an off day, a tantrum out in public, etc. I think he always just thinks I'm over exaggerating, or trying to make him feel 'bad' that he's not there to help me the way he should.

Well, this is 'his' weekend to have Little Man and Princess Pea (my daughter), and he decided to take them to Chuck E Cheeses today. He's taken them there before, but usually on a Sunday morning, when it was less crowded. Well, Little Man did NOT like the noise and crowds at all. He kept throwing himself on the ground, flipping out, kicking, screaming, trying to hit my husband, etc. He kept trying to run away and hide somewhere, and kept putting his hands over his ears. My husband said his back hurt from trying to run after him so much.

I asked him what he wanted me to tell him?? Obviously I'm sorry his back hurts, but hello!! This is the stuff I've been telling him for a long time now! In a way, I don't know why he took them to such an awful place, when he knows that Little Man has SPD and his biggest triggers are noise and crowds. BUT, on the other hand, I'm kind of glad that for once he got to see what a melt down was like so he knows that I'm not making it up or 'exaggerating' to get extra attention'. Is that wrong of me, to be happy that he had a meltdown so my husband could see it?

In any event, he was super happy in just a matter of a few minutes as soon as he was in the car, on the way back to his Daddy's house.