Water therapy works!

Well my friends this week has been a tough one! Little Miss seems to think that since she's the youngest that she is the boss and that any and every tantrum will get her her way! Umm....NO!

So this week has been F.U.L.L of tantrums and meltdowns. (sigh) Thank goodness she is cute! One night this week my hubs was at work and I had to:

~ make dinner
~ do dishes
~ help Sassy Pants with her homework
~ pay a little extra attention to Mr. Trouble since he was feeling left out.
~ wrap up Sassy's box for her V-Day party at school the next day.
~ TRY to remember how to do 2nd grade homework the way I was taught to help teach her
how to do it the 'right' way!
~ and of course calm the never-ending meltdowns from Little Miss.

So then I remembered what Little Miss' S.T. told me to do. Pour some water in a bowl and lay it on a towel. Give Little Miss some kitchen items to play in the water with and let her go. Sooo...I did! And guess what? The meltdown was over! TA DA!!! Like magic! She sat there and played for 10-15 minutes while I got everything I could done.

After that it was back to normal routine...which she loves and craves, so she was fine. Dinner, bath, jammies, snuggles and my favorite part...bed! Ahhh....(sigh of relief!)


Suzanne said...

Water IS the best calmer. We've found that Gameboy travels better when he gets time in a pool almost every day.

Counting the days until it's warm enough for my mother in law's pool is warm enough for him to use.

Thanks for the tip about a bowl of water. Gameboy's 12, so he'd get tub time-but I think you saw the results of the most recent bath!

Mommy Cracked said...

I often let my son play with water and plastic utensils in the kitchen sink....he can occupy himself for long periods of time while I am cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. It's a great therapy tool!