Yoga ball therapy!

Sounds weird...I know, but man does it work! Our Speech Therapist recommended that we try using a yoga ball to help Little Miss. Every day, about five or so times, I lay her on her belly and roll her around on the ball for about 5 minutes. Then I change and lay her on her back on the ball and roll her around for five minutes. Then I sit her on the ball and bounce her for another five minutes. She loves it!!! She brings me the ball and tries to climb on top to start 'playing'. When I lay her down on it she lays her head down like she's gonna take a nap on it! The best part of it is that to her it's fun but to me it's therapy for less meltdowns!

So far I've noticed that she has had maybe one or two less meltdowns a day when we do this. Which is great!!! This will help her feel more relaxed and less frustrated throughout the day which in turn means that she will be a little more laid back to learn new things; new words, signs and so on. In the past two days she has started saying, "I KNOW!" in a really cute, happy voice and has even said "hot" to something when in fact it was hot. So now she knows the difference between hot and cold. Before she didn't really understand the difference. And it's great because now when I tell her something is hot she knows what I mean. Some months ago she got a hold of my coffee that I had just poured and tried to take a drink when I went to answer the phone. She ended up spilling it all down the front of her and since she doesn't feel pain correctly she didn't cry or even whimper. That scared me a lot! What happens if she really gets hurt one day and I don't know it? Well now I can rest assured that when I tell her something is hot she won't touch it!

So can I say all of this is due to exercising on the yoga ball?, but I think that it did play a small part in it. The rest I'm sure is her getting therapy, me working more with her and her getting a little older. But whatever it is I'm sure glad we're starting to see a little change for the better!