Suggestions for children with SPD

So yesterday was our appointment for Speech Therapy. I have to say that I *love* our Speech Therapist! She is patient and seems eager to get to know Little Miss! She always brings toys that get Little Miss' attention and are good for children with sensory issues. We are trying to find out which textures and things she likes and doesn't like.

She did have a tantrum when she was here but it was only a small one. She came out of it after a little bit and we had to remove the cause of the tantrum which was a toy that she wanted to open but didn't open. She loves the textured puzzle that she brings with her and *loved* the bubbles! In fact that's how we finally got her tantrum to end. The SP blew bubbles and that was enough to distract her and get in interested in something else. Since Little Miss doesn't have a lot of words we are trying to teach her baby signs. I don't know which (verbal communication or baby signs) is going to be easier for her to learn and start using but I really don't care which one it is. All I want is for her to be able to communicate with me other than screaming and throwing fits for whatever it is that she wants.

Our DT (Developmental Therapist) is coming for the first time on Monday and I cannot wait to hear what she has to say. I will update on Monday night or Tuesday on what happened and how everything went.

Here is a list that our SP left with us for me to do with Little Miss. I hope that some of these things will help you out with your own little one.


1. Take pictures of everyday objects that are familiar to her and make a small photo album to show her the pics and give her choices on what she wants. (Ex. picture of a banana and a picture of grapes. "Little Miss, would you like to have a banana or grapes?" This way she gets to make the choice and it makes her feel more in control.)

2. Establish a sensory diet to calm and prevent tantrums.

3. Get a therapy net swing to put in the house for part of her sensory diet. Everyday at a scheduled time swing her so that she can feel better and hopefully throw less fits.

4. Use a toothbrush before meals to increase awareness in her mouth. (Little Miss has a bad tendency to over fill her mouth with food almost to the point of choking. This is because she cannot accurately feel when her mouth is too full. This will help 'wake up' her mouth so that she won't do it as much.)

5. In nice weather, go to playgrounds that are fenced and not crowded.

6. Stack up mountains of pillows for her to climb on. (Little Miss has no safety awareness and climbs on everything! This will allow her to climb but keep her from getting hurt.)

7. Let her jump on the trampoline with supervision.

8. Teach her to take one bite at a time by saying "One bite" and giving her one bite on her plate.

9. Offer her choices whenever possible to give her sense of control and reduce tantrums. (Yep, she's gonna be a control freak just like her mother! lol)

10. Use 'if' and 'then' when speaking to her about events. (Ex: "If you get your shoes on then we can go outside to play.")