Tonight's tantrum.....

*Sigh* Tonight's tantrum was quite a doozy... It lasted for 25 minutes, and it was over chips. Yes, potato chips! Little Man has decided that he's on a hunger strike, and will only eat whatever junk food is laying around. Tonight he found the snack pack of individual chips -- dorito's, frito's, cheesies, etc. A little boy's dream!

So when we got home, I gave him a bag while I was getting everything ready for dinner. 45 minutes later, he grabbed another pack and kept shoving it in my face to get me to open it. He kept screaming "chips", "chips", over and over again. I tried ignoring him, but it just got worse.

He threw himself on the ground and started hitting his head on the floor. He rolled around and screamed, all the time yelling "chips". I tried picking him up to calm him down, and he hit me in the cheek.

Finally, after 25 minutes he calmed down. How did he calm down? I gave in and gave him the chips.....

YES, I know that was probably the wrong thing to do, but what was I supposed to do? I really saw NO end in sight of the tantrum. When he gets in those moods, I just feel helpless. I have no idea how to help him. The O.T. really can't offer any idea's, because she's never seen him like this... I just don't know what to do!!

Any suggestions?


Feener said...

hello and welcome to my life.

if you have not read the book the explosive child you should read it. it is helpful, b/c it explains that some kids just do not get discipline and you need a different method and one of those methods is when you are in that level of fit, giving in is fine. so don't beat yourself up over it.