Life with my little girl is with any little girl is tough! With Little Miss it's tougher than it is with my older daughter. Each day is filled with new challenges and tantrums.

When she throws a fit she bangs her head on whatever is near her and if there isn't anything close enough she uses her hands or headbutts someone (usually ME!) or throws herself on the floor to use it as her own private headbanging element. She also screams like you wouldn't believe! She has the scream of a crazy's enough to make your ears go numb for a minute or two. Seriously!

She doesn't have enough words, because she is behind in speech, to express her frustrations, needs and wants so when she can't get her point across it's meltdown time. This is what really gets to me. I know she wants/needs something but since she cannot talk I have no idea what she wants and as a mother that is incredibly frustrating to me as well. I am her mother....I'm supposed to know my kids' cries and whines but I don't with her. This always leaves me feeling like a bad mother, even though I know I'm not.

She is getting in home Speech Therapy once a week for an hour and tomorrow is only our second appointment so I'm hoping that after a while things will get easier. She is also going to start in home Developmental Therapy once a week and our first appointment is next week. We have so much to work on! We are going to be working on: all of her sensory issues, affectionate, over stuffing her mouth, banging her head, climbing, her unusually high pain tolerance, safety awareness and so on. I needed answers and now after all this time of not knowing what was wrong or what to do I am finally going to get some. Will they be all the answers I need and/or want? Probably not. But as with any child, there aren't answers for all of their issues, some of them will never be able to be answered but yet will come in time or they will just grow out of them.

Please join Michelle and I as we go through our appointments, tantrums, fits, meltdowns, therapy meeting information, new found remedies and so on. Maybe through this blog we can all help each other by being a support team and cyber friends that all have something in common. A friendly 'ear' to help each other get through our days with our tough but loving children.