Hard times with my little man....

The last few days with little man have been rough, to say the least. His SPD comes and goes in spurts. Some days he's a perfect angel, and I almost feel stupid that he's receiving services, and I feel like the O.T. is going to think that there's nothing wrong with my son. But then there's other days, like how he's been recently, where SPD rears it's ugly head, and all I can do is sit back and watch..... Where nothing I do calms him down, and he just continuously tantrums.

One of his biggest triggers is crowds and noise. He hates them with a passion. We went out to dinner at Friendly's Friday night, and that totally set him off. He spent 2 hours pinching and punching me and arching his back, trying to get out of the high chair.

From Friday night on, he continued to have issues. Yes, it usually takes him a few days to calm down after one of his 'episodes', as the O.T. calls it. She explained it as his adrenaline is all pumped up in his body, and it takes a few days to get back down to a normal level.

But of course, by time the O.T. comes tomorrow, he will most likely be back to normal, and all she'll see is the well behaved child who likes to play with all her neato toys. *sigh*. Some people have suggested video taping one of his episodes, but I never seem to do it when we're right in the middle of it.......