Stefanie's Intro

Hello my name is Stefanie (aka Bloggymommy) and I am the founder and owner of the SPD Life. I am a 28 year old mother to three beautiful, special children. It is my youngest daughter (22 months) that has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). My oldest has ADHD and my son has numerous health issues. I am getting both my other children evaluated for SPD in the next month as well.

Michelle and I met through an online group of mom bloggers and found out early on that we had more in common than we originally thought. Both our youngest children have SPD. We are both from different states that became friends as we both learn and experience the ups and downs of SPD and what it does to our children everyday. We thought it would be a good idea to create a blog where we could vent on our frustrations, blog about new ideas, therapy appointments, strategies and help other parents that are going through the same things that we are.

It is hard at times dealing with people in public that have no idea why our children act the way that they do. From their standpoint, not knowing about their disorder, they think we have unruly, hyper, bratty children. When really what they are dealing with is an inability to express their frustrations appropriately so they lash out and throw fits, scream, hit themselves and so on. Children with SPD look completely normal so it is hard for others to understand unless they know about the disorder or are going through it themselves with either their child or themselves.

It can be so difficult to deal with our children and their disorder. We are still fairly new to this and are learning as we go. To see your child throwing fits, hitting themselves, screaming and crying, not being able to use words to communicate and being so frustrated that all they can do is melt down is so incredibly difficult. As mothers we feel like it is our responsibility and motherly instinct to know the difference between every cry and whimper and be able to understand the "words" that they use. When we can't we at times feel like failures because we don't know what they want or how to make them feel better.

So through this blog you will hear about our children's therapy appointments, melt downs, tantrums, doctors appointments, new found strategies and us just venting about a hard day. We will try to do our best to incorporate other online sites that offer tools and advice about this disorder as well. And hopefully at some point will be able to do giveaways for tools to help with children's SPD "diets".

I hope you will join us while we learn about this and learn how to help our children. If you have any advice or questions please feel free to email one of us. We hope that we can somehow make you feel better and be a place for you to vent and share as well.

*We have been working on this blog for some time now before opening and already have some posts on suggestions and stories here. So read through and drop us a comment or two and let us learn more about you and your situation.

We will have an interview post up in a few days on a new mother we found whose child also has SPD. We will from time to time do interviews on parents so they can share their thoughts, suggestions and stories. If you would like us to interview you or you have something you would like to share please email one of us @ or with your story.


Feener said...

great site. looking forward to reading more. my daughtger has spd and it is very hard.

Bloggymommy said...

Thanks for following Feener! Hope to see you around more!