Things are lookin up!

Sorry that I haven't posted for a while, things have been super busy! I hope you are all doing fantastic! Even though things have been busy lately things are starting to improve with Little Miss! She has started saying new words, imitating more, having less meltdowns and is being more tolerant of her brother. She just started Occupational Therapy two weeks ago and so far is doing fabulous during the sessions and already loves her therapists. Things are finally looking up! YAY!!!

We've been doing a little more but also a little less with her. We still do the yoga ball therapy, water therapy among other things but we've also started doing the trampoline with her. She doesn't really know how to jump yet but she's trying. It looks more like she's doing the wave with her feet not coming off the ground but rather just going on her toes while her arms fly up in the air. lol So cute! And another thing I've been doing more to get her to talk is whenever I do something for her or give her something I give her the words that she would use if she was talking more. I'll tell her, 'Thank you mama' or 'no thank you' whenever it is appropriate, that way she knows when to use them and she is hearing it a lot more so hopefully will start saying the words better. Instead of saying, 'thank you mama' she says, 'mama, mama'. lol But she is saying, 'no thank you.' it just comes out as, 'nodankooo'. Again, sooo cute! I love hearing her little voice when it's not screaming! We are also starting Theraputic Listening with her starting mainly this coming week, so I'll let you all know how it goes.

We have done so many things to try and help Little Miss and now we are waiting to take her in for a major evaluation. They are going to check her for all different sensory issues (which she has already had done but I think this one is a bit more thorough or something) and they will also evaluate her for autism among other disorders. Her appt is coming up next month so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

One thing that I have to say really helps is her Miracle Belt! It is a weighted belt that she puts on for about 1/2 hour twice a day. It helps give her extra input by applying pressure and she loves it. We call it her 'pretty' and she thinks of it as playing dress up and will bring it to me to put on her and then stand there and stare at it and make a cute little, 'ohhh' sound. lol I am thinking about contacting someone to do a giveaway on a Miracle Belt since it is something that I am fascinated with. Would anyone be interested?

I am going to post a recipe later on for some really fun sensory play-doh type goop and some other stuff so make sure to check back later this week. And don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know whether or not you would be interested in trying to win a Miracle Belt! Thanks! I hope everyone has a fantastic Mother's Day this weekend! (((hugs))) to you all!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to the miracle belt? It really sounds like something that would help my daughter.