Our experience with Therapeutic Listening!

A week or so ago I told you all about Therapeutic Listening and that children with SPD, among other things, can benefit from it. I also told you how it can make your child sick if not done properly. TL is very strong and should not be fooled around with. Well now I have my own proof to that.

Last week Little Man was at his weekly OT appointment. After about a half hour he and his therapist came out and she told me he had thrown up. He was white and when I say white I mean he was as white as rice! You could tell he didn't feel well. His therapist, who I really like, said that she thought it was because he was in the swing while doing the TL and was in it too long. I felt so bad for him and so did she. But after about 20 minutes, some water on his face, some water to drink and some down time he was back to his normal hyper self.

This past Monday Little Miss had an awful day! She was throwing tantrums, having major meltdowns and was very clingy, screaming and crying, etc. and so on. Nothing I did made any difference so I decided to sit her at the table with her TL headphones on and give her a sensory activity to do along with it. After about 10 minutes she was done. The strange thing was she was worse then she was before. I finally had to put her in her crib because I was afraid she was going to hurt herself (she bangs her head against things when she gets in one of these meltdowns.) After about 5 minutes I got her out of her crib and sat her down for dinner. She ate and ate and ate! All together she had about 4 kid sized plates of pasta, applesauce and cauliflower. She was an empty pit that wasn't getting full. She has been behind in communication but has been getting better with ST, OT and DT so she is saying some new words and new signs.

I spoke with her OT about it yesterday and she said that is was probably because she was so hungry and didn't know how to tell me and the music made her stomach hurt. Well then I just of course felt terrible! So now we are working on the "eat" sign! So my whole point is that even if your therapist helps you with TL and tells you what to do you need to be very observant of your child so that if they begin to feel sick you notice and stop the music. Having a child with sensory issues and having them not feel well equals major meltdowns!

This is my first hand experience with TL and my kids being overwhelmed by it. Please be careful when you do TL with your child(ren). Don't ever attempt TL on your own without the supervision and advice of your therapist!

For those of you that already do TL with your child(ren) here is a small list of things you can let your child do while listening to the music to give added input.

Sensory play activities to pair with headphones and music:

~ Washing cars in a basin or bowl

~ washing babies in a basin or bowl

~ yogurt or pudding paint on paper, mat or themselves

~ magnets on a pan

~ sorting balls, cereal, etc in muffin tins

~ markers, crayons and paper

~ bingo dabbers

~ puzzles

~ necklaces made out of cereal

~ hide small beads in some playdoh and let your child go through and pick them out and sort them however you want.

Do you have any more suggestions that we can add to this list? Please leave your suggestions in a comment!


Anonymous said...

2 of our favorite activities while doing listening are thera putty and wikki stix! Both have been life savers. We also have had pretty good luck with the melissa and doug magnetic "paper" dolls.