Vision Therapy

Update: My oldest daughter "Sassy Pants" has been dealing with many problems with school, her attention span, her ADD/ADHD and more. We took her in for an evaluation for SPD and they told us that yes, she does have sensory processing issues but they thought the main problem was with her eyes so they sent us in to have her eyes checked and for a vision evaluation. After completely both we found that her eyesight is perfect but she has problems with her focus and tracking. They told us that they recommend Vision Therapy but that most insurance companies don't cover this diagnosis. Great, huh? I've been so worried that even though she has a problem with her eyes that she wouldn't be able to receive help because we can't afford it if it's not covered under insurance. Well this past week I got a phone call and guess what??? The insurance company approved her for vision therapy! I'm so excited that she will be able to receive help. They recommend one day a week for 45 minutes for about 4-5 months to see a difference. So we start on Monday!

Her main problems in school were with reading, comprehension, math and spelling. It has been so frustrating that we could work and work with her on things and she would seem to get it and then the next problem or day later and it was all lost. She seems to have problems with her memory too. Hopefully after receiving the vision therapy for a while her school work and comprehension will improve. I am, for now, taking her out of Occupational Therapy until school is out for the summer and then I'll re-enroll her.

She is still on her ADD/ADHD medication but has been having problems sleeping lately. There are nights that she stays up until 11-12 and then has a hard time waking in the morning. This could also be part of her problem in school. So we are going to start giving her Melatonin to help her sleep at night. It's come highly recommended and comes in a chewable form. I will keep you all updated on how things are going and hopefully be able to come back and report after a while that she is doing better in school and the vision therapy is a success! Wish us luck!