More frustrations....

I'm still SO annoyed over this. I know part of it's my fault for not checking up sooner, but shouldn't it be the Early Intervention Coordinator's job to make sure everything is running smoothly? I might be naive, but I *thought* that's what part of their job was.

SO here's the situation. When Little Man began services in October, he was set up to have an O.T. come to the house 1x/week, a D.I. (Developmental Interventionist) to go to the daycare he goes to every other week, and a Speech Therapist to come 1x every 3 months.

The D.I. went to *one* session with him, and because of some drama between her and the daycare, she was asked not to come back. That was November. Right afterwards, a new D.I. was assigned, and they said she'd start 'in a few weeks and that she'd call me to set something up'. It's now almost the end of January, and up until yesterday, I had not heard ANYTHING from the D.I, nor the Coordinator.

I finally called the Coordinator and she was shocked that the D.I. hadn't been out there - she thought all along that she was going every week for the past 8 weeks. Ummm, NOPE. So of course once she called the D.I to find out what was going on, the D.I called me right away to set something up for Monday.

So yay, Little Man will finally start getting his D.I. services! But geeze, could it have taken any longer to set up??? He's apparently entitled to 'catch up' services, although I'm not really sure what that is.

The first D.I., even though she only lasted a day, worked on his sensory and tactile issues, so hopefully this therapist will be able to work on that with him. Lord knows he needs it!